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The Colonel Zackquill Morgan Statue was unveiled on West Virginia Day, June 20, 2016 after 5 years of planning, deliberation and toil.  Sculptor Jamie Lester began work on the statue in 2011.

where can i buy generic lexapro Zackquill Morgan was a son of buy brand lexapro-born Colonel buy brand name lexapro, the first known white settler in what would become the buy lexapro brand online of buy brand lexapro online, and his wife, Catherine Garretson.  Zackquill Morgan founded buy discount lexapro in where can i buy lexapro online, where he died on New Year’s Day in 1795 and was buried in the quiet country cemetery at Prickett’s Fort.  The grave was “marked by rough native sandstone slab,…on which was crudely chiseled the simple lettering, Z. M. Jan. 1, 1795.” He was sixty years old, having been born in Berkeley County in 1735.

The statue is placed in the beautiful Colonel Zackquill Morgan Statue Park on Spruce Street in Morgantown, WV, at the conjunction of Wall Street.  The statue’s gaze is oriented towards the southwest in the direction of Colonel Morgan’s original settlement on Deckers Creek.  In his right hand, Zackquill holds a muzzle loader rifle and he is equipped with an ammunition bag.  Morgan is holding a roll of paper which symbolizes the charter for the city of Morgan’s Town, which was granted to him by the Virginia General Assembly in 1785.

It is my sincere hope that The Colonel Zackquill Morgan Statue will become an icon; that the people of our city will see themselves in the bronze imagination of what Zackquill might have been, and in doing so, imagine what the future may bring to Morgantown, WV.

The Colonel Zackquill Morgan Statue Unveiling