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Jamie Lester

“I wanted to show the intensity, of a moment in the middle of a game, when Hot Rod was up against a fierce opponent and had to will himself to win.”

Jamie LesterBronze Sculptor

Vandalia Bronze is proud to announce the unveiling of the Hot Rod Hundley Statue.

Sculptor Jamie Lester designed the bronze statue, gaining the consent and personal approval of Mr. Hundley himself.  This is a project that we have been working on for several months, and we think it is our finest work to date.

 Hot Rod is known world wide as the Clown Prince of College Basketball, but he wanted to be remembered for the serious side of his personality.  Lester sculpted the portrait of Hundley with this in mind.  “I wanted to show the intensity, of a moment in the middle of a game, when Hot Rod was up against a fierce opponent and had to will himself to win.”  Like the Jerry West Statue which Jamie Lester completed in 2007, the Hot Rod Hundley Statue depicts him in a dynamic, athletic, mid-game pose.

Hot Rod’s fans can be found across the world – some remember his record setting and entertaining play as a West Virginia University Mountaineer.  Some revere his NBA career in the Los Angeles Lakers.   Others were thrilled by his award winning broadcasting career for the L.A. Lakers, the Phoenix Suns, and the New Orleans and Utah Jazz.  Whatever Hundley did, he brought his signature fun filled personality.

We were saddened to hear of Rod Hundley’s passing in March of 2015, but we know that he will be there in spirit.

We at Vandalia Bronze are very excited to reveal the bronze sculpture to Hot Rod Hundley fans across the world, and hope that you can be with us at 2pm on February 20th, 2015, as we dedicate the statue in front of the WVU Coliseum in Morgantown, WV.

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